Project Rickets

Have you seen this poster?

If so welcome to Project Rickets!  We've teamed up with Vancouver based artist Scott Agar to launch a new media project.  We've made a small number of hard back posters with this image on it that contain a CD with one of our new songs on it and hung the art pieces in public places around the downtown core of Vancouver, BC.  The pieces are free to take if anyone thinks to do so and the information on the CD lead to both Scott Agars art page and our homepage for music.  So if you have taken one of these pieces and made it to our website here please email us with the location you grabbed it from and we will give you a FREE membership to our website where you can download our new album "Start With Nothing" absolutely free!  We'll be launching the project in Kamloops soon so keep your eyes peeled for these art hangings and we'll do one or so a month henceforth!  Spread the word and keep live music alive!



Your Western Canada Tour

Hey guys - please give me a list of the places you are playing! I want to notify all my friends (I have LOTS) so they can show up tp listen! email to me at please, please please!!

thanks, love you!