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2018 Still Updating!

New album out soon!
Stay tuned!

2014 finally updating a few things!

Well it's been sometime since ANYTHING on our site has been cared for or updated, due mostly to lack of time but we'll see if we can't start updating a little more regularly!  We recently performed at Serenity Music Festival's House Concert Series in Birch Island and had an amazing time with a full house of awesome people.  If you've never heard of or been out to one of these events you must check it out here's the website with all the info you'll need to research this magical place:

There's also a great blog about all the happening at Serenity which can be found at:

Also we'd like to announce the addition of a fiddle/viola/accordian/more stuff player to the band, he calls himself Matt Cardinal and we've been hard at work adding and writing fiddle and viola parts to the current songs and also writing new material for the upcoming album which will be titled "New Old Times".  We hope to release the album by summer and it will be strictly on vinyl and digital download only. 

Here's a couple vids from the recent Serenity house concert one of which will be on the upcoming album:


Quick Update!

Hey all,

We've been busy building a custom studio and jam space and it is now nearly complete so we should be back on the updates bandwagon in no time!  Wednesday May 29th we will be joining Northcote and The Matinee at the Dirty Jersey for a wicked show so come check that out as we have some super fresh new songs to play that will be released on the new album.  We are 70% done writing and about to start recording soon so expect some new releases in the near future.  Also we will be releasing our next album on Vinyl as its being recorded 100% analog to tape!!!!  Exciting stuff so stay tuned! 

Old Videos of Live Schtuff 2.....

I........don't like your tweed sir! you the professors ready!


Old Videos of Live Schtuff...

Here's a old video of a show under the pseudonym of Duo #2 that I have re-found !

Buried under weird tags and old names on youpube I'll throw a few up here.........

Latest Tourography

Here's the thrid installment of the "tourography" series, couldn't resist posting this one ahead of the second one as Scotty Agar has done a marvellous job on this particular video so sit back and enjoy!



Here's the first release of 12 in our mini "Tourography" series put together by Mr. Scotty Agar who's website you should check out at!  He's currently featured on cello, bones, banjo and various other eclectic instruments!  We will also be posting some short video clips of random what-have-you's from the tour in the member section so login and check to see if there's anything new up in the next week!  One more note, we have undergone a name change and shall now be known as Lost In The Woods, shedding our previous Duo #2 name and evolving through our musical journey so the website and everything will be changing slowly as we get it all tidied up! 

Tour Footage!

Huge thanks to all who were at our shows throughout our Western Tour leg, twas a fantastic time!  We have tons of tour footage to chop up and put together and we'll be releasing bits here and there on the site starting very very soon so keep checking back!  Also Scotty will be making a mini documentary of the tour so we'll keep you posted on its release! 


Western Tour

We shall be embarking on our Fall Western Canadian Tour starting September 14th @ Pogue Mahone's here in Kamloops with Winnipeg artist Greg Rekus and Vancouver Animation Artist Scott Agar.  Scott will be selling digital prints of some of his works so spread the word as this is a one time deal people!  Also we will have copies of our latest CD available for sale so come kick the tour off right with us all!    



What? Hard Copies?

Indeed it is true, the newly released Album "Start With Nothing" is available in hard copy!  The CD's look amazing, designed by Vancouver animation artist Scott Agar they boast a 12 page lyric insert booklet with custom artwork for every single song and handwritten lyrics!  For only $15 you too can own one of these unique albums as there will only be a fixed number of copies distributed with the insert booklet.  So email us if you want one now or get one at your next show.......coming to a city near you on our Western Canadian Tour this fall!  

Here's a preview of the front artwork which we've already released but hey, here it is posted in full! 


Yard Session

After many failed attempts due to assholes, loud vehicles, poor night lighting, timed light shutoffs we have finally managed to get a daytime front-yard shoot of Been So Long acoustic.

Project Rickets

Have you seen this poster?

If so welcome to Project Rickets!  We've teamed up with Vancouver based artist Scott Agar to launch a new media project.  We've made a small number of hard back posters with this image on it that contain a CD with one of our new songs on it and hung the art pieces in public places around the downtown core of Vancouver, BC.  The pieces are free to take if anyone thinks to do so and the information on the CD lead to both Scott Agars art page and our homepage for music.  So if you have taken one of these pieces and made it to our website here please email us with the location you grabbed it from and we will give you a FREE membership to our website where you can download our new album "Start With Nothing" absolutely free!  We'll be launching the project in Kamloops soon so keep your eyes peeled for these art hangings and we'll do one or so a month henceforth!  Spread the word and keep live music alive!


Official Album finally done!

Hey all, so the full complete version of the new CD Start With Nothing is fianlly done and available on our website here for download, but only if you are a Premium member.  If not first create your own account on the right side of our page here and then just send us an e-mail from our contact form saying you wish to get the new CD and we'll let the first 5 or so get it for free!  Once you're a premium member you'll be able to see the member posts on the homepage here when you visit the website.  We also have a show coming up on April 18th at the Art We Are in downtown Kamloops so come on out to that!

Cheers all!


Neat Bands!

Come check out a cool show happeing at Pogue Mahone's in Kamloops, B.C. this Wednesday March 30th.  Fire Next Time out and Greg Rekus out of Alberta will be joining us for a show while their on tour this month and thru till April.  Don't miss out they're pretty unique check them out at:


March Madness

Hi all you folks,

We have just returned from a fun show with Devon Coyote at the Grateful Fed in Kelowna, BC, if you don't know him check out his webpage at wicked guy and amazing performer! So we've got an interesting show coming up March 9th at the Terrace in TRU's Campus Activity Center, the even is called Do It In The Dark and will be a electricity-less performance by us and other great local bands so come help support the cause it starts round 8pm!  Also we will be playing with the Real McKenzies March 16th at Pogue Mahone's which should be a celtic ass kickin good time.  And the final touches on the last song for the new album will be done this Sunday and we should have the release online via ITunes ready to go within a couple weeks or less, hard copies will be longer we'll keep ya posted!


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